Winter sports: Do you rather choose France?

Winter sports in France or do you prefer Austria? In Europe the two major winter sports countries are France and Austria. Ofcourse it’s possible to ski and snowboard in moest of the European countries. However, most populair are France and Austria. And even though these countries are next to each other, they are still very different. Especially the culture and the slopes! Austria seems to be more hospitable, friendly and cozy. In France the culture seems to be more reserved. Then …

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How to wax a snowboard? Read these instructions first

In this post I’ll give you an insight in how to wax and tune a snowboard. I wax and tune my own and other snowboards this way. This method is based on the method of Demon professionals since I exclusively use the materials and tuning kit of their brand. Wax equipment file basecleaner an old cloth (universal) wax iron plastic scraper nylon brush polish-pad tuning stone After approximately 5 days of snowboarding, you should wax and egde your snowboard again. This way …

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zomersnowboarden op wintersport in oostenrijk

Winter is over? How about summer snowboarding?

How about indoor snowboarding? Just another week and it’s already april. That means that winter is almost over. Most ski slopes will close down in a couple of weeks. Temperature’s are rising and nature wants to start growing again. You could go out for a nice walk or bicycle tour. But ofcourse you prefer to go snowboarding, if necessary on a indoor ski slope. But preferably outside: summer snowboarding!   The best indoor ski slope in the Netherlands is Snowworld in Zoetermeer …

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