About me

Els: Blogger, love snowboarding, freelance copywriter and mother of 2 little girls.


Els Jansen snowboarding

Writing, snowboarding and some more writing

I love snowboarding and everything that has to do with it. I love snow, mountains, mountain villages, snowboards, snowboardcross, snowboard gear, ski area’s, winter sports, waxing snowboards and even the cold.

In february I started this blog beceaus I like to write about snowboarding in general and I want to share tips about waxing a snowboard and snowbaording for beginners.┬áBeside that, I also write about the ski area’s in Europe (Germany, France, Austria for example) I have been to, or really would love to go to.

Then I also like to write about other things I encounter in my life. And that can be anything, from a walk in the forest to looking for a new job. I call myself widely interested and I like to be busy physically or creative. As long as I can create something, I like to do it. That’s why I like to wax snowboards and to build a WordPress website. The nice thing about waxing a snowboard is that it gives me time to think things over. And most of the time I come up with new idea’s for my blog!

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Like to hear from you!